Padgett Difference

Padgett Difference Wichita KS Intro 2023

Fast Service, Quality Work & Competitive Pricing

You really can have all three! You can “Expect the Best” when you choose Padgett for your sewer line, water line, septic system or new construction work.

Throughout our three decades in business, we’ve completed thousands of jobs in and around Wichita, Kansas. If you need our services, call us, and we’d be happy to give you a free estimate.

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Serving Wichita
Since 1994

Licensed, Insured,

Family Owned &

Why Choose Us?

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    Specialization for Us, Efficiency for You

    Padgett isn’t a plumbing company; we work only with underground systems. (That’s why our full company name is Padgett Excavation.) Sewer lines, water lines and septic systems are what we do every day, and we’re specialized in our field. You save because we can do jobs faster and in-house.

  • Padgett Difference Wichita KS Technology

    Old School Service, New School Technology

    You’ll get a real voice when you call us and a friendly smile when we visit your property. Nothing beats good old-fashioned customer service! At the same time, we invest in advanced technology—like the Bluelight LED CIPP Lining System — so we can work smarter. Less time and labor for us means less disruption and lower prices for you.

  • Padgett Difference Wichita KS Family Owned 2

    Family Owned & Operated

    Al Padgett started our company in 1994, and it’s still run by the Padgett family today.

    When you call us, you’re speaking with an owner or future owner. We’re passionate about what we do and wake up every morning ready to give it our all. How we succeed as a family depends on how well we serve your family.

  • Padgett Difference Wichita KS Community


    Our lives are here in Wichita. The people we serve are our neighbors. We want the best for our community, and helping keep water and sewer systems functional is how we live that out. We’re also proud to be a Wichita employer and wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated team!

Not only do they offer fair pricing, but they have specialized equipment to make the job seamless for my clients and me. Their expertise and technology are sure to save you time, money and heartache on your project. – Jordan W., Real Estate Agent/Property Manager
Wow! I was able to do my trenchless repair for about half the cost of my first quote. I was dreading such a big job, but the crew started at 8 a.m. and were done by 5 p.m. The team was great. I recommend them to anyone needing sewer work. – Krista M.
I was very impressed with the professionalism shown by everyone involved in the process. Looks like everything is done with the customer in mind! I would certainly use Padgett again and highly recommend them. – Daryl L., DLJ Properties