Water Line Repair & Replacement

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Fast & Affordable Water Line Repair

Water lines won’t wait. When you’re having trouble getting water to your home or building, you only want things to return to normal. You may be dealing with leaks or other headaches.

Take a deep breath and call Padgett. In most cases, we can come out and take a look the day you contact us.

As a local, family-owned underground utility contractor, we help Wichita homeowners, business owners and property managers solve their water line problems.

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Next-Day Service

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Specializing in Underground Water Line Repair

Padgett isn’t a plumbing company; we work only with underground systems like your water line. (That’s why our full company name is Padgett Excavation.) If your problem is above ground, there are many excellent plumbers in Wichita who can help!

Since underground utilities are our specialty, we invest in advanced techniques to do even the toughest jobs efficiently. We are affordable because we get jobs done fast and can do everything in-house.

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Trenchless Water Line Replacement

You’ve probably heard of trenchless sewer line repair, but there are also ways to replace water lines without digging up the entire pipe. The water line for most single-family homes runs from the front or side of the house to the property line. Trenchless methods are much less disruptive to landscaping than open excavation.

The best water line replacement method depends on the type and size of the pipe, the layout of your property, and other factors. We’ll start with an inspection and then lay out your repair options. Your questions are welcome and encouraged! We want you to feel comfortable and confident about the process.

Here are some of the trenchless water line replacement services we offer.

  • Pipe Splitting

    Pipe splitting is similar to the pipe bursting method used for sewer line replacement. We dig two small entry and exit pits near your foundation and property line. Then we pull a cutter head through the existing damaged pipe, followed by a new pipe. The cutter splits and expands the old pipe, and the replacement pipe fits neatly in the space left behind.

    We can perform pipe splitting on plastic and copper pipes. In most cases, the job gets done in one day!

  • Horizontal Boring

    If you need to change the direction of your water line or establish a new one, horizontal boring is the answer. We dig two small holes at the entry and exit points, then use a specialized drill to bore an underground tunnel for the new line. The new line is pulled through the tunnel and connected on each end. You get a brand-new water line with minimal digging!

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Water Line Repair Wichita KS Traditional

Traditional (Trench) Water Line Repair & Replacement

When trenchless methods won’t work—due to the pipe material or other factors—there are still ways to get water flowing again.

Our skilled and hard-working crews will take the utmost care to limit the disruption to your property. While excavation takes longer than trenchless methods, we can still deliver prompt and affordable service.

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I hired Padgett twice in one week. We now have water with no leaks, and the sewer line is ready for many years! The crew was friendly and worked efficiently. I would definitely use Padgett again. – Deanna J.
I was very impressed with the professionalism shown by everyone involved in the process. Looks like everything is done with the customer in mind! I would certainly use Padgett again and highly recommend them. – Daryl L.
Not only do they offer fair pricing, but they have specialized equipment to make the job seamless for my clients and me. You will not regret asking for a bid and receiving exceptional customer service. – Jordan W., Real Estate Agent/Property Manager